2022 Festival Season

We are still speechless for the invites and collaborations of the 2022 season.
We have many feelings to express and we hope 2023 season to be even more amazing and again fully booked.
See the 2023 Festival Season to book us or contact us via email, or send us a message on our Facebook Page Nemination Photopia.
Thank you all for the amazing 2022 Season.

Psychovirus Gathering 3 - 3-4-5-6 June 2022

Paranoia Future is coming again for 2022 and announces Psychovirus Gathering 3, it will take place on 3-4-5 & 6 June in Secret location. Our purpose is everyone who comes to our event is to have some fun and nothing else!!! 

Herrens Mark 2,0 - July 8th, 2022

Herrernes Mark 2,0 bliver en realitet. Sæt i kalenderen, datoen er sat!

Psymbosium Mt. Olympus- Dark Moon Edition - JUL 29 AT 11 AM - AUG 1 AT 6 PM

Our community ‘Friends of Mountain and Music’ is delighted and proud to announce for the third consecutive year the Psymbosium event which will take place on July 29-30-31 until August 1 on mt.Olympus.


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